Romeo Who Decided To Bring White Horse To Wife In 5th-Floor Appartment After Staying Out Late Is Arrested

This bizarre footage shows a large white horse standing in a fifth-floor apartment bedroom after a man who felt guilty for staying out late brought it home to his wife in a romantic gesture for International Women’s Day tomorrow.

The Siberian man, not named, but 33 years old, from Kuzbass in the Kemerovo region in Russia, reportedly returned from a party on a farm with the animal and managed to make it climb all five floors of the apartment building.

The footage shows the man entering the building with the horse and making it go up the steps in a narrow stairwell.

He then appears to try to get on its back before the footage ends.

Another clip shows the horse standing in a bedroom in the apartment and looking quite out of place.

Local media reported that the man had brought the horse home as a romantic gesture for his wife on International Women’s Day. He was later arrested.

A man takes a horse into his home. In Kemerovo, Russia, undated. It was allegedly a gift for his wife. (@gumvd42/Newsflash)

Eyewitnesses told local media: “At 3 o’clock in the morning, a man tried to bring a horse into a rented apartment. The wife did not appreciate such a stunt – she did not let the knight home, but she still got the animal. The child was most happy about the horse.”

The local police said: “A local resident, who is a labourer on a farm in the village of Krasnaya Orlovka, was detained and taken to the police department.

Officers On Horseback Chase Down Robbery Suspects

“At the station, he explained that the night before, while near the farm, he noticed one of the horses. Took it by the bridle and took it to his home to show it to his family.

“In the morning, the man did not find an explanation for his action, commented the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Kemerovo Region.”

The man faces charges of petty hooliganism and a fine of RUB 1,000 (GBP 8;65) or 15 days in jail. It is unclear if he had been drinking at the party,