Romanian Crooks Flog Notre-Dame Miracle Cure Ash Online

Story By: Madalina Spulber , Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Romanian scam artists are flogging ashes supposedly salvaged from the Notre-Dame Cathedral blaze for around 180 GBP a pop while claiming that it has miracle healing powers.

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Picture Credits: CEN

According to reports, several Romanian websites have adverts for ash from Notre-Dame Cathedral being sold in metal containers by online vendors who mainly hail from the cities of Bistrita and Galati.

A devastating blaze broke out under the roof of the famous Parisian landmark at around 6.50pm on 15th April. By the time the fire was extinguished 15 hours later, the building’s spire and roof had collapsed and many of its interior walls and windows were severely damaged.

Shortly afterwards, adverts claiming to sell ash from the cathedral’s debris started to appear on Romanian websites, offering punters a box-full for around 1,000 RON (182 GBP).

Some adverts even claimed that the ash contained miraculous healing properties, according to local media.

One advert read: “I am selling ash from Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. For those interested in the collection, I am not exchanging.”

Another post claimed: “Ash personally collected from inside the cathedral available for sale.”

The vendors claiming to sell the ash could only be contacted by email and prices varied depending on the quantity.

Many Romanians were outraged by the “inappropriate” adverts and reports said that some online buyers have already been duped into buying the ashes, the provenance of which is unknown.

Meanwhile, the police have not yet opened an investigation into the vendors’ claims, according to local media.

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