Boys Trap Themselves In Narrow Gap Between Houses

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This is the moment two young brothers are found trapped in a narrow gap just five inches wide between their home and their neighbour’s house.

The boys, six and seven, had reportedly been left at home by their parents and grandmother before trying to escape in order to go out and play on 13th September.

The siblings from the village of Sima, which is in Neihuang County in China’s central Henan Province, attempted to use a firebreak between their house and their neighbour’s home.

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After successfully squeezing their bodies into the narrow gap measuring just 14 centimetres (5.5 inches), the brothers soon found themselves unable to progress any further but also unable to move back.

Their family members were alerted when nearby villagers heard their cries and found them stuck in the firebreak.

The fire service dispatched a dozen firemen equipped with heavy-duty tools such as a pneumatic drill and other hydraulic machinery.

Video shows them drilling a hole into the wall of the boy’s family home in order to free the children.

Rescuers said the younger sibling was pinpointed and freed in about 20 minutes, but his brother was harder to reach because his head was stuck between the concrete and brick.

This meant firefighters could not drill directly by his head and needed to create space elsewhere before slowly chiselling their towards him.

The crying seven-year-old, who is in his first year of primary school, was eventually freed with the help of vegetable oil.

Both children were taken to the Neihuang County Second People’s Hospital for treatment when they were eventually given a clean bill of health and released.

The boys revealed they became trapped when they squeezed into the firebreak and found the space became narrower and narrower.

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