Patriotic Romanian Plants Dacia Car In Side Of House

Story By: Lee Bullen, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

This is the patriotic Romanian who showed off his national pride by burying a locally-made Dacia car into the side of the top floor of his home.

Picture Credits: CEN

Vasile Teascu from the town of Teius in the central Romanian county of Alba embedded half of a Dacia Logan onto his home so that motorists travelling to the town centre can admire the national symbol and feel proud of their automobile industry.

According to local media, Teascu also wanted to give the impression that the car had flown off the road and crashed into the first floor of his otherwise beautiful home.

Reports said that he had to wait 11 months before receiving planning permission for the bizarre home addition.

However, Teascu claimed that it was worth it and his house is now admired by all proud Romanians who pass it.

According to the Teius resident, the half a Dacia Logan weighed around 150 kilogrammes (331 lbs) and was lifted into position by a crane where Teascu himself fixed it to the wall.

Teascu told local media that he chose a Romanian car to express his national pride.

He exclaimed: “Dacia is a Romanian car manufacturer and I want to promote them because I am Romanian and proud!”

Meanwhile, neighbours are said to be happy with his home decoration and even consider it a “local wonder”, according to reports.