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Road-Rage Cadillac Owner Crashes Into Back Of Lorry

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report


This is the moment a Cadillac owner crashes into the back of a lorry while chasing another motorist during a road-rage incident as his girlfriend begs him to stop.

The unnamed driver from China’s capital Beijing then “incriminated” himself when he posted his own dashcam footage online in a bid to find the driver of the Infiniti saloon car he was pursuing, reports said.

The video dated 20th March shows the Cadillac ATS owner travelling on Beijing’s West Sixth Ring Road when the white Infiniti overtakes him from the right-hand side.


The vehicle’s engine can be heard churning loudly as the motorist speeds up, but his girlfriend in the front-passenger seat immediately advises him against pursuing the other car.

She says: “What are you doing?

“Stop. Don’t do it. Stop!”


But the Cadillac owner claims he was “provoked” and revs his engine to chase the other car.

But the dashcam footage shows the Infiniti travelling in the outermost lane when it suddenly cuts to the left, revealing the slow-moving lorry which the Cadillac is ultimately unable to dodge.

His girlfriend says “oh, sh*t” as they rear-end the lorry and the car engine is damaged.

Shortly after the crash, the Cadillac owner reportedly posted footage and pictures of the incident online, asking netizens to help him find the Infiniti owner.

However, social media users showed little sympathy.

‘Haiding-Jige-s3’ wrote: “The Infiniti owner is responsible for his own driving. The dashcam owner has clearly made up his mind to chase after him.”

‘J. Sun’ wrote: “Why pursue him? No one else to blame but yourself for this rear-end collision.”

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