REWARDING BEER RUN: Lucky Lady Wins USD 250,000 While Buying Beer For Her Hubby

A lucky lady and mum of five has won USD 250,000 while out buying beer for her husband after she decided to try her luck and purchased three Lady Luck scratch-off lottery tickets.

Isabel Sandoval, 35, poses with a USD 250,000 prize check from the Lady Luck scratch-off. She made a trip to the store to buy beer for her husband when she bought the scratch-off in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, in November, 2022. (Maryland Lottery/Newsflash)

Isabel Sandoval, 35, of Baltimore, in the US state of Maryland, was amazed when she won USD 250,000 (GBP 205,000) after she popped to the shops to buy her husband beer.

Isabel confessed she had stopped playing for a while because she was not having any luck winning but she decided to try her luck again and bought three Lady Luck instant win scratch-off lottery tickets.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Maryland State Lottery on Wednesday, 7th December, saying: “Lady Luck showered 35-year-old Isabel Sandoval of Baltimore with riches after she made a trip to the store for her husband and walked out with a prize for herself.

“About three weeks ago, Isabel made a run to 6400 Eastern Liquors in Baltimore to buy beer for her husband, who had a long day at work. While there, she decided to purchase three Lady Luck scratch-offs. She began playing the USD 10 game recently because of a friend’s suggestion.”

Isabel said: “I actually stopped playing it for a bit because I wasn’t winning much.”

She added: “I told my friend, “It’s not for me.'”

The Maryland State Lottery said: “However, Isabel decided to try her luck with the game again. She scratched the instant tickets off when she got home from the store and went into shock. One of the instant tickets was a USD 250,000 top-prize winner!”

Isabel said: “I knew right away it was a winner because I scratched off the horseshoe.”

Picture shows Eastern Liquors, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, undated. Isabel Sandoval, 35, made a trip to the store to buy beer for her husband when she bought a with a USD 250,000 wining scarach-off in November, 2022. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

But she added: “But, I could not believe the prize I saw.”

The lottery officials said: “A warehouse worker for AirBoss Defense Group, Isabel showed the lucky scratch-off to her husband, who confirmed the win. The excited mother of five and grandmother of one also shared the news with her children.”

Isabel said she plans to help her mum in Mexico, with the lottery officials saying: “Isabel’s excitement carried her all the way to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, where she claimed the USD 250,000 prize this week. The lucky lady told Lottery officials that she plans to use some of the winnings to help her mother, who lives in Mexico, and will save the rest of the prize.

“Her lucky Lottery retailer is also a winner. The Baltimore City business located at 6400 Eastern Avenue in Baltimore will receive a USD 1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize winning Lady Luck instant ticket.”