Fireman Rushes To Emergency Halfway Through Haircut

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

AsiaWire / Yuncheng fire service

This is the moment a firefighter is left with a half-done haircut when an alarm bell rings at his fire station and he and his colleagues spring into action.

CCTV footage from the Jiang County Fire Brigade, which is under the Yuncheng fire service in China’s northern Shanxi Province, shows fireman Liu Hao sitting for a haircut.

In the video dated 25th February, Mr Liu’s hair is being cut by colleague Zhou Xiaofei as two other fire service personnel stand nearby.

AsiaWire / Yuncheng fire service

When the alarm bell suddenly rings, Mr Zhou drops his tools and leaps into action together with the other colleagues.

The footage shows Mr Liu springing from his seat in front of the mirror as he quickly removes his barber’s gown before running out of frame in a matter of seconds.

The fire service said it took the group less than a minute to change into gear, with the surveillance video showing their fire engine leaving the station shortly after.

AsiaWire / Yuncheng fire service

Due to the emergency, Mr Liu was left with a half-done haircut, which he shows off in a couple of selfies.

He said: “Since the outbreak, we’ve been ordered to remain indoors. My hair had grown quite long while living in the station, so our cook, Zhou Xiaofei, offered to give us haircuts.

“That night, it was my turn when we were called to an emergency.

“I didn’t have time to worry about my hair. I rushed to put on my uniform and got on the fire engine.

“I took some selfies while on our way back to the station. It was really funny seeing my half-cut hair, but it was worth it.

“Zhou Xiaofei finished cutting my hair as soon as we got back.”

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