Qualified Diving Couple Drown In German Lake While Exploring Sunken Ship

Story By: Georgina Jadikovska, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

Two qualified diving instructors have tragically lost their lives while exploring a sunken ship in a German lake.

The tragedy happened earlier this week when a group of six diving enthusiasts, including the victims from Berlin identified as Martina B., 49, and Andre K.,53, went to explore the remains of a shipwreck 35 metres below the surface of Lake Werbellin in the German state of Brandenburg.

Their goal was to take a look at the 40-metre long, 19th-century sunken ship at the bottom of the lake. The vessel supplied the city of Berlin with building materials during the Wilhelmine Period. The place has since become a popular destination for scuba divers even in winter.


After completing their quest, the rest of the team returned to the bank and realised the couple was missing. They immediately started looking for them but had no luck.

Two young divers, also exploring the depths of the lake, noticed the lifeless bodies floating on their backs, six metres below the surface. They quickly pulled them out of the water and called for help.

Andreas Schildmann, 55, who witnessed the scene, explained: “The bank was only a few metres away.


A doctor who happened to be there then helped to reanimate the two and after approximately 15 minutes, an ambulance came and revived them. They were taken to a clinic in Berlin and Bernau where they later died, according to the police.

Schildmann added that he knew them for over two years and both of them were experienced divers.

The group was on its way to the Dornbusch diving site, one of the most famous sites in the area to explore a sunken boat from 1886, which probably suffered during a strong thunderstorm.


At the time, a family of three died trying to save their valuables. There was only one survivor, according to the Teltower Kreisblatt, a local newspaper dating back to the 19th century. The wooden ship currently lies 35 metres below the surface.

What exactly happened in the water is still unclear as the accident remains a mystery to others too. According to local divers, various reasons might have been an issue, either their apparatus froze due to temperatures below -4 degrees Centigrade, or they had oxygen-related problems.

Waltraud R., mother of the deceased woman, said: “They only became grandparents on Thursday. They could not see the little one yet. Now they are dead. We are shocked.”


Investigations and tests on the equipment are ongoing, according to the police.

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