Bodies Of Mum And Daughter, 9, Found Buried Under Patio

The dead bodies of a missing mum and her young daughter have been found buried under a patio at a property in Brazil.

Police in the Brazilian municipality of Pompeia made the grim discovery on 2nd February.

The dead bodies of Cristiane Arena, 34, and Karoline Vitoria, 9, who had been missing since November last year, were found buried under the property’s concrete patio.


The police used a digger to smash the concrete floor after they became suspicious of a recent renovation of part of the property.

The woman’s ex-partner is considered the prime suspect, but he has not been found by the police since the discovery of the bodies and is believed to be in hiding.

He had previously been taken in to give evidence to the police after the pair went missing and was later released.


The killed mother’s 16-year-old daughter has also been arrested for being involved in the crime, according to local media.

Police chief Claudio Anunciato Filho has said there is evidence to suggest the prime suspect had been romantically involved with his teenaged stepdaughter.

The police were originally called to the property after receiving reports that the teenage girl was being forcibly held in the house and abused.


Filho said: “The girl said that her mother left with her youngest daughter after meeting a new boyfriend, but the statements were contradictory and we went to investigate.”

The police also found that the suspect had been accessing the victim’s bank account, into which a redundancy payment had recently been made as she was sacked from her job.

The police believe the deaths occurred in late November and had been buried at the property since then.


The investigation is ongoing.

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