Pretty Star Dead After Car Stop On Mway To Let Hubby Pee

Story BySimon GloverSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

This is the stunning young actress killed after she stopped her car in the middle lane of a motorway so her drunken husband could get out for a pee.

Han Ji Sung, 28, died after a car reportedly braked to avoid her husband and then a taxi and an SUV swerved to avoid it and hit her as she stood by the back of her car.

Police have launched an investigation into the tragic incident which happened on a motorway near Inchean International Airport in the South Korean capital city of Seoul.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Han had appeared in a number of popular South Korean TV drama series, as well as on stage, and was also a former member of the B.Dolls girl group.

She died from serious head injuries in the back of an ambulance which was called to take her to hospital.

Han was in a Mercedes C200 car with her husband, who she married just two months ago, who told police he had asked her to stop the car so he could relieve himself.

However, he told cops he had no idea why she stopped in the middle of the three-lane motorway, instead of on the hard shoulder.

Police said that CCTV footage shows Han standing behind the Mercedes, bent over, and her husband running to the side of the road.

Cops say one vehicle had to hit the brakes to avoid hitting her husband, causing the other vehicles to swerve and hit the actress.

Her husband, whose name is not reported, admitted he had been drinking but said he was not sure whether his wife had.

The husband, whose name is not reported, also claimed he had not been aware of the accident until he returned to the scene.

However, police later revealed that dashcam footage from another vehicle showed that the accident happened within 10 seconds of Han’s husband reaching the side of the road.

The taxi and SUV drivers are helping police with their inquiries. An autopsy is to be carried out on Han to confirm the cause of her death.

Han’s acting roles included the TV drama, Second To Last Love, and a movie, One Punch, which was released last month in South Korea

A source close to Han was reported as saying: “She was a great actress full of passion for acting. She was an actress with a bright future, and it is unfortunate that she passed away so suddenly.”

Netizen ‘journey.s_dumsterfire’ commented: “I never knew you during life but, may you rest in peace, Han Ji Sung. 

“You were an amazing actress. You will forever live on in the other side. You will be the dew on the grass and the mist in the air after it rains. You will live on. Rest in peace.”

Story BySimon GloverSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report