Driver Sends Boy Running Across Road Flying Into Air

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the gut-wrenching moment a Honda driver slams into a young boy running across a street without looking and sends him flying through the air into a pile of rubble.

The incident happened in an as yet unidentified Chinese city on 2nd May, when the boy and his friends had no class during the country’s extended Labour Day holidays.

The clip shows the boy and his two friends, both of whom are riding push scooters, preparing to cross the village road at 10:47 local time.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

No adults appear to be around to supervise the children as the trio start crossing the street.

The boy wearing a yellow top is the first to reach the road, and he is almost immediately struck by the black Honda CRV that speeds into view.

The child is flung through the air by the collision and lands in a pile of building material, into which the Honda SUV also crashes.

His two friends rush over to him on their scooters, as does an adult and two passengers from the Honda.

The boy’s condition was still unclear at the time of writing.

Social media user ‘Feiyang-Buxue Wushu’ wrote on Sina Weibo, also known as Chinese Twitter: “The CRV was definitely speeding.”

‘Qingyuan Kuangkuan’ added: “The driver is fully to blame here.”

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