Police Set Out On A Quest To Find Santa

The video shows the moment police in Germany set out on a quest to find Santa ahead of the upcoming Christmas holidays.

Officers in the city of Ravensburg, in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, delighted Facebook users after sharing their pursuit for Father Christmas on Wednesday, 6th December.

They said in a statement obtained by Clipzilla: “Live every year, he is said to have been up to mischief again last night.

“Unfortunately, the elderly man with the white shaggy beard, the red cape and the cap escaped us again…

Police officer picks up a mitten, in Ravensburg, Germany, undated. Police searched for St. Nicholas in a snowy fores. (Ravensburg Police/Clipzilla)

“Our colleagues were hot on his heels at Lake Constance.

“It turns out, he has traces in the districts of Ravensburg, Sigmaringen, and the Bodenseekreis. He left peanuts, oranges, and cookies on some front doors.

“Can you give us any clues as to where the man is? Did he leave something in your boots too?”