Police Seize Stalker Who Targeted Underage Teens

A high school economics teacher accused of sending nude photos to teenage pupils she was stalking has been seized by police.

Serena Cator, aged 43, from the town of McLoud, in Oklahoma State, USA, poses in undated photo. She faces three felony counts of soliciting sexual conduct or communication with minors by use of technology. (Pottawatomie County Detention Center/Newsflash)

Police say suspect Serena Cator, 43, used social media to send boys aged 14 to 18 explicit messages and pictures and asked them to do the same for her.

Cator – a teacher at McLoud High School, in the town of McLoud, in Pottawatomie County, in the US state of Oklahoma – even, it is reported, targeted two boys who had dated her daughter.

Police began investigating Cator after a student told her mum that the teacher was having sex with pupils, according to local media.

Cator has reportedly confessed to grooming underage pupils and sending them obscene photos.

The police said that there were 10 victims.

Bizarrely, Cator became friends with the mothers of children she was abusing, sending them photos of the boys at school sporting events, according to local media.

McLoud Chief of Police Kyle Webb said: “We received the information from the school in November 2022, so the investigation pretty much started then.”

He added: “It took a little while [since] it was a pretty in-depth investigation, and then we turned everything over to the DA, and they filed three counts against Serena.”

Cator was reportedly arrested on 16th March and has since been released on bail.

An affidavit submitted by police says Cator contacted her victims on social media platforms and then invited them to swap intimate pictures on Snapchat.

The investigation is ongoing.