Police Target LGBTQ Dating App

Police in Egypt are using the dating app Grindr to trap gay, lesbian and trans users looking to hook up.

Picture shows the alert sent by the Grindr app to Egyptian users warning about police arrests, undated. Grindr is an LGBTQ+ app. (Newsflash)

The app has issued a warning to users, saying that police are placing fake ads trying to lure users into meetings.

Although homosexuality is legal in Egypt, prosecutors have been known to prosecute LGBTQ people for “violating public decency” or “debauchery”.

The warning – issued in both in Arabic and English – reads: “We have been alerted that Egyptian police is actively making arrests of gay, bi, and trans people on digital platforms.

“They are using fake accounts and have also taken over accounts from real community members who have already been arrested and had their phones taken.

“Please take extra caution online and offline, including with accounts that may have seemed legitimate in the past.”

According to a report issued by Human Rights Watch, there have been dozens of cases of authorities in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Tunisia publicly outing or hounding LGBTQ members.

In return, the popular dating app Grindr is now pushing human rights organisations and governments to demand justice.

The app has sent similar warnings to users in 90 countries, according to Grindr spokesperson Patrick Lenihan.