Playmate Of Year Suggestively Tries Playing Bagpipes

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News 

These images show the moment Bulgaria’s Playmate of the Year suggestively wraps her mouth around a tube in an erotic attempt to play the bagpipes.

Playmate Mihaela Todorova, 21, who was named Bulgaria’s Playmate of the Year in November, made the interesting attempt to play the instrument on the culinary show ” Cherry on the Cake.”

Picture Credit: CEN

In the images, she can be seen with her mouth around the pipe of the ‘gaida’, a traditional bagpipe from the Balkans and Southeast Europe, with her eyes closed at some points.

Local media report viewers and netizens were surprised at the “erotic” attempt to play the traditional instrument, with netizen ‘Karin Ivanova’ writing: “Miss Playmate plays the bagpipe on ‘Cherry on the Cake’. The question is why did she close her eyes?”

While ‘Svetlin Angelov’ wrote: “It could be that the girl has played before. Talking right now, when you see her do it, it seems from afar that she has experience.”

Picture Credit: CEN

‘Vessela Dimitrova’ added: “Well… the girl has habits, you know how difficult it is to break a habit.”

And ‘Anelia Dzhambazka’ said: “This job is not like that job.”

The blonde playboy model was born in Kazanlak a Bulgarian town in Stara Zagora Province and after being named the Playmate of the year she said: “I was convinced I was going to be the winner this year. I knew that and believed in that from day one, I’m just a real Playboy model and I was born for the Playmate title.”

She has amassed an army of over 23,000 online followers and says she is planning to take over her family business in agriculture in the future.

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