Pilot And Air Hostesses Do La La Land Dance In Airport

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Video Credit: CEN/@aeroport_tls

This footage shows an Air France pilot and three air hostesses doing a choreographed dance to La La Land’s “Another Day of Sun” in an airport boarding area.

The French airport of Toulouse Blagnac shared the footage, of an Air France pilot and three air hostesses dancing to the main theme music from the hit film La La Land in the airport departure lounge, on Twitter.

The airport simply captioned the Tweet: “Unusual dance session for hostesses and pilot in the boarding area.”

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@aeroport_tls

In the almost 2-minute video, the quartet can be seen wearing their iconic Air France uniforms – the flight attendants wearing red scarfs – as they dance just like the characters in the film.

The 2016 musical with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone won some 24 prizes.

It is unclear whether the performance was a publicity stunt or if the Air France staff are simply fans of La La Land.

Most netizens praised the quartet for their performance, with one saying: “Well done!”

Another said: “I wonder what that would be like in the plane?”

One however, said : “You should update your uniforms!”

La La Land was nominated and won numerous awards. It won six Oscars and was at the centre of the huge Oscar scandal that saw it mistakenly being designated as the winner of the Best Picture Oscar when in fact, the winner was Moonlight.

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