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Boxing Prospect Killed By Deadly LA Street Gang

Story By: Juan Fenandez Mayes,  Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

This 22-year-old boxing prospect has been shot and killed in front of his home and two alleged members of a deadly LA street gang have been arrested.

Salvadorian boxer Alexis Navidad, 22, known as “Payasito” (Little Clown) was shot twice in front of his home in the Santa Anita neighbourhood in the Salvadorian capital city of San Salvador on the evening of Sunday 5th April.

Local media report Navidad was sitting on the pavement in front of his house with two other people when the shooting occurred. He suffered two bullet wounds and was transported to a nearby hospital but died shortly after.

The other two individuals sitting with the boxing prospect suffered “serious injuries to different parts of their body” but are not in danger of losing their lives, according to the police report.

The cause of the shooting is unclear.

Navidad’s father Wilfredo Navidad said: “My son, Alexis Navidad, was killed in a cowardly way on Sunday afternoon.

“The people and athletes that met him know he was a nice young man. He worked and fought for his infant child and was preselected for the Salvadorian national team.

“I only ask God to give our family strength and may the punishment come from God – but there is worldly justice and may they punish those delinquents.

“This is a calling to the authorities, as two have been detained and I was told by officers they would be set free if there are no witnesses. I am asking for justice.

“A part of my heart is gone. May God receive you, my dear boy. You will live in me forever. One day we will be reunited.”

Two suspects with ties to the ‘Revolucionarios’ (Revolutionaries) gang, a dissenting group from the 18th Street gang, have been detained.

They are suspected of carrying out the shooting according to reports, however, it is unclear if they have been released.

National Institute of Sports President Yamil Bukele said Navidad “had no ties to gangs or any criminal association.

“He was, since 14 years of age, an athlete dedicated to his passion, boxing.” Bukele went on to say “‘El Payasito’ will not “receive the homage he deserves because of the health crisis in the country” referring the COVID-19 pandemic.

Navidad had one professional fight against Antonio Galeano in San Salvador in November 2017 which he won by unanimous decision. He was considered a top prospect for the country with a bright future in the sport.

The ‘Revolucionarios’ are a dissenting group from the 18th Street gang started in 2005.

The 18th Street gang is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic group started in Los Angeles, California. The gang spread to Central America after members were deported upon capture making them one of the deadliest groups in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

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