Paedo Tennis Coach Lured Mums On Date Apps To Abuse Kids

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A court has heard how a good-looking tennis coach who was a secret paedophile targeted single mothers on the Internet in order to gain access to their children.

The man’s activities came to light during the trial of an overweight unemployed mum identified only as Melissa S. who was one of 9000 women contacted by the man and who said she thought the relationship was “like winning the jackpot”.

She told the court at the district court in Essen, a city in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, that she was so happy to be with him that she had not wanted to believe that he was a pervert.

According to the indictment, Melissa S. was feeling depressed after just having been divorced and was easy prey for the hunky tennis teacher Rodolfo Noriega, 39, after they met over the Internet.

However prosecutors say that Noriega only got in contact with her in a plot to gain access to her one-year-old son. What she did not realise was that he had already been jailed for four years and nine months last February for eight cases of child abuse.

According to local media he specifically targeted single mothers with the cops still investigating him for 86 other possible cases of child abuse among the over 9000 women he is known to have been in contact with.

The indictment details that Noriega allegedly had sex with Melissa S. in front of her two boys aged one and three, while he also reportedly ordered Melissa to sexually abuse her one-year-old son. 

Court spokesman Johannes Hidding said: “The defendant is said to have had sexual intercourse with her partner in the presence of her two children. In one case it should also have come to a sexual abuse by the accused.”

Melissa S. made a confession in court yesterday (Wednesday).

Her lawyer Thomas Schwieren said: “It is not the question of whether or not she did it, but why. Here the maternal protector instinct has failed.”

Melissa S. said herself: “I was 25 kilos heavier. I thought the tennis teacher was like winning the jackpot. I did not want to believe that he was ill.”

The trial of Melissa S. is continuing.

Noriega is not the only paedophile in Germany who hit on single mothers in order to gain access to her children.

Earlier this month, a 34-year-old paedophile only identified as 34-year-old Daniel P. from the northern German town of Malchow was sentenced to 10 years in jail for the rape of underage children by a court in Dresden, the capital of the Eastern state of Saxony. 

He managed to convince single mother Christin I., 32, to allow him to rape her children aged one and four after the two got to know each other through the German dating app ‘Knuddels’.

According to the indictment, Christin I. even “prepared” her daughters and did not intervene when Daniel P. had sex with them.

Daniel P. also confessed to having raped a seven-year-old girl after he visited a single mother in Chemnitz who he met on the same dating app, with this act reportedly done without the mother’s knowledge.

Christin I. was eventually sentenced to 33 months in jail for helping Daniel P. with aiding and abetting the child abuse.

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