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Man Who Killed Woman In Cop Chase Given Life For Murder

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A man who hit a pregnant student while evading cops in a high-speed chase has been convicted of murder and jailed for life despite the prosecution asking for a shorter sentence.

The car chase through the German capital Berlin started when the defendant was caught stealing tools from a van.

The man, identified as 28-year-old Serbian national Milinko P., was sentenced to life on two counts of murder by a court in Berlin.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

He killed 22-year-old student Johanna Hahn as she crossed the road on her bike as well as a passenger in his vehicle.

The incident took place on 6th June last year at an intersection in a built-up area.

Milinko P. was visiting Germany for his sister’s wedding when an 18-year-old relative convinced him to steal tools worth an estimated 300 EUR (270 GBP) from a van.

The pair, who was aided by a 14-year-old accomplice, was caught by plainclothes officers during the attempt.

The cops then pursued the gang with five other patrol cars of the Berlin police.

Johanna was cycling across the intersection on a green light when the Serbian speedster approached the crossing at speeds of over 80kph (49.7mph) in an area with a limit of 30kph (18.6mph).

He ignored the red light and collided with two cars before hitting Johanna who was killed instantly together with her unborn child.

Two other motorists and a police officer were also injured in the traffic accident.

Milinko P.’s 18-year-old passenger died from his injuries two days after the crash.

Judge Peter Schuster said that Milinko P. showed an “unrestrained will” to evade the cops and knowingly took huge risks.

The judge also said that he willingly placed other people’s lives in danger by driving at high speeds through multiple red lights.

The sentence is higher than was requested by the prosecution team, who reportedly wanted a sentence of eight years and four months for negligent homicide and dangerous interference with road traffic.

During the trial, the defendant agreed to pay an undisclosed five-digit sum to Johanna’s relatives as compensation.

Judge Schuster also criticised the cops as the patrol cars were pursuing the Serbian without using their sirens.

He said: “The accident should be a reason to think, what can we do better?”

Lawyer and MP Gregor Gysi of the far-left ‘Die Linke’ party, who represented Johanna’s relatives as co-plaintiffs in court, called it a “good and just verdict”.

Johanna’s family was present in court to hear the verdict and were relieved that Milinko P. was jailed for life.

Johanna’s mother Susanne Hahn said: “We can now let go of it.”

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