Omani Adventurer Wows With Snaps Of UNESCO Home Village

Story By: Basant EssamSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

An Omani adventurer has been documenting this stunning UNESCO World Heritage village where he grew up on social media and is quickly amassing a large following.


Riyadh Al Hinai, a 31-year-old Omani adventurer, promotes his picturesque homeland on Instagram for his 30,000 followers.

Al Hinai told Newsflash: “Bilad Sayt is located in the region of Al Dakhiliya and is part of Bahla (a UNESCO World Heritage Site town). It is my home village and where I was born and raised.

“I lived there my whole childhood before moving with my family to the capital Muscat. My family still owns a beautiful farm in the village and we all help out and grow our own vegetables and tend to our animals.


“We even produce organic honey. It is an agricultural village and is known for its farmlands.

“Bilad Sayyt is very small as it is part of Bahla and it became better known to locals and expats after I started documenting my village trips and invited tourists to experience the area.”

Al Hinai told Newsflash: “We organise different activities like cycling, hiking, and fun local adventures. However, many people often confuse the village for another town called Balad Sayt which is not the same place.


“The village is a two-hour drive from the capital Muscat and can easily be accessed by cars.

“Bilad Sayyt is my home and it is my escape from the hectic city life I lead in the city. It is where I like to go unwind, relax and spend time away from everything on our farm.”

Al Hinai, a civil engineer and Omani adventurer, said that his hobby is travelling and exploring other cultures.


He told Newsflash: “I am the founder of Milestone Adventure and an adventurer as well. I create online content to show people the beauty of Oman and to encourage others to visit the country.”

Oman, the only country in the English language to start with the letter O, shares land borders with the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.

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