OH CHUTE: Moment Elite Paratrooper Crashes On City Power Line In Botched Night Op

This is the moment an elite military paratrooper crash lands into a power line in a city neighbourhood in a stealth night op gone horribly wrong.

He was one of three paratroopers who reportedly fell in a residential area of Marechal Hermes, a neighbourhood in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, on 12th December.

The footage, filmed by locals in the street, shows the paratrooper crashing into the power line at speed, with locals rushing over to help.

Other images show some of the paratroopers as they jumped out of an aircraft.

The Brazilian military’s Eastern Military Command has reportedly said that no one was injured in the incident.

They blamed strong winds which blew the paratroopers off course and they ended up landing in the residential area by accident.

They added: “The Parachute Infantry Brigade emphasises that it remains in a permanent state of readiness and maintains its high level of operability.”

The training exercise had been taking place over the Vila Militar neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro but the weather conditions reportedly blew the airborne troops off course by five kilometres (3.1 miles).

Vila Militar is known as a military zone of the city, in the West Zone of Rio.

An Army paratrooper lands on a residential street during an exercise, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Monday, Dec. 12, 2022. He diverted by wind during landing jump, no one was injured. (CEN)

There are a number of military schools in the neighbourhood and it is said to be the location with the strongest military concentration in all of Latin America, with about 60,000 troops there at any given time.