Nurse Dubbed ‘Sexiest Fan’ Denies Fling With Dortmund Skipper Marco Reus

A stunning nurse dubbed Borussia Dortmund’s sexiest fan has denied claims that she has had an affair with captain Marco Reus.

Nurse Kim Schiele, 23, poses in undated photo. She was dubbed FC Borussia Dortmund’s sexiest fan. (@kimschiele/CEN)

Blonde Kim Schiele had apparently made no secret of the fact that she is besotted with the Bundesliga star and referred to him in tweets as “the love of my life”.

But now the 23-year-old lingerie model – has claimed that the Twitter account was a fake and she has never bedded the married German star.

Kim – from Mannheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg State – made headlines after she got her black-and-yellow Dortmund jersey signed by midfielder Reus in October last year.

After posting a video showing Reus signing the jersey a post appeared on Twitter apparently from Kim naming the player as “the love of my life”.

Now in an interview with German media, Kim claimed that the Twitter account is fake.

She said: “I had a Twitter account with a whopping 40,000 followers – but it wasn’t me at all.

Image shows nurse Kim Schiele, 23, in undated photo. She was dubbed FC Borussia Dortmund’s sexiest fan. (@kimschiele/CEN)

“A video was then posted on this profile on which Marco Reus signed my jersey and they wrote ‘You are the love of my life’ and ‘I would give anything to be with you’ and such bull*hit.”

Kim – who boasts more than 476,000 followers on Instagram – added: “I was so uncomfortable because I can also imagine that his family wouldn’t find it funny. I was told that too.

“And suddenly I was accused of being in love with him!

“It says ‘She’s having an affair with Marco Reus’ everywhere, but NO! That’s just not true.

“I don’t even know what his voice sounds like.”

When asked whether she had met other footballers, she added: “Some stars. Among others from BVB [Borussia Dortmund].”

She revealed that some of them seemed quite interested in her, but refused to give out their names, and added that she is currently seeing someone.

The full-time ER nurse reportedly got interested in medicine when she broke her arm as a teen and was brought into the Ludwigshafen clinic for treatment.

Nurse Kim Schiele, 23, poses in undated photo. She was dubbed FC Borussia Dortmund’s sexiest fan. (@kimschiele/CEN)

She began training to be a nurse after she graduated from high school aged 17.

Kim said: “I earn EUR 1,800 [GBP 1,563] net as a nurse, I have a three-quarters job.

“With Instagram it is 10 times more. But I need to work with people, the action, the teamwork, I just want to help.

“As an influencer, I’m so focused on myself, I can’t just be at home.”

But despite having the complete support of her colleagues at the hospital, the blonde added that balancing between social media and being a nurse is not easy.

She added: “Being an influencer is mentally exhausting, I have to constantly think about what I’m going to show and film after work.”