Gorgeous Nurse Who Got Job As Supermarket Cashier To Pay Bills Is An Online Hit

A young woman with a nursing degree who tried her hand at singing, songwriting and modelling has finally found fame after getting a job in her local supermarket.

Photo shows Valeria Rose ‘The Human Barbie’, undated. She works as a supermarket clerk in Jalisco, Mexico. (@valeriarosebarbie/CEN)

Valeria Rose works as a cashier in an Oxxo supermarket in the city of Guadalajara, in Mexico’s Jalisco state.

Oxxo is a Mexican convenience store chain with more than 21,000 stores across Latin America, the U.S., and parts of Europe. It is the largest in Latin America, headquartered in the city of Monterrey in Mexico.

When Valeria was contacted on social media and asked why she was working there, she replied: “Because I’m poor, and I need to pay the bills.”

The reply sparked a heated debate about why someone with her qualifications and looks was unable to find a better job, especially after ‘soyluisgabriel1’, an X user and host on Buenos Dias de Cinco Radio, also revealed that Valeria was very talented as a singer, holding a degree in Musical Performance and Composition.

The mystery as to why she had not managed to get work in singing, modelling or nursing and her determination to work to pay her bills made her extremely popular with online users but also attracted critics, including people who tried to say that she was not even Mexican.

Photo shows Valeria Rose ‘The Human Barbie’, undated. She works as a supermarket clerk in Jalisco, Mexico. (@valeriarose_barbie/CEN)

But the young woman has taken it in her stride, uploading for example, a video of herself dancing at work and telling the Internet trolls: “It looks like I’m not angry, but I am because I am 100 per cent Mexican even though they say I’m not from Mexico.”

It is unclear what her employer thinks about her taking images at work, but the company has had several cashiers who developed significant social media profiles due to working in the chain.

One of the latest was Jaquelyney Dgd, who resigned from work as a cashier about a month ago to become a full-time social media influencer.

She had not been promoting herself online but made headlines when she accepted an influencer challenge to wear a Karely Ruiz dress, which went viral and made her an overnight star.