Neymar Rumoured To Be Sued Over VIP Prostitution Ties

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Neymar could be in hot water as reports emerge that he may be the target of a lawsuit from the model who accused him of rape over alleged ties to a VIP prostitution network.

Brazilian model Najila Trindade, who sued Neymar for rape in May of last year but had the case archived, has been reported to be preparing another lawsuit against him for an alleged link to a VIP prostitution network.

The shocking report was made by television programme ‘Fofocalizando’ broadcast by Brazilian Television System (SBT) which states the model intends to sue Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) superstar Neymar, 28, for alleged ties to a VIP prostitution network.

Trindade’s lawyer Cosme dos Santos reportedly said Neymar could face accusations of “transporting women with sexual motives” or “prostitution”.

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The network reportedly transports women from Brazil to France to be sexually exploited by affluent clients.

Local media report Trindade will carry out the lawsuit in a French court as she feels there is a better chance of justice being carried out than if she did it in Brazil.

Another reason to do file the lawsuit in France is reportedly because the alleged crime took place in Paris.

Neymar’s legal team has reportedly said they have not received any official notification about the case.

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Trindade accused Neymar of raping her in a Paris hotel on 15th May. The case was archived by a judge in the Sao Paulo court in August of last year due to “unsubstantial evidence”, “contradictions with the statements made by the accuser and circumstantial evidence.”

Neymar is still under investigation for cybercrime after sharing revealing pictures of Trindade but could reportedly be absolved for it soon.

The same Fofocalizando report said: “The Rio de Janeiro Public Ministry understand he spread the photos of her to defend himself from the rape accusation and so recommended he be absolved.”

Picture Credit: Golders/Zula

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