Pretty Lass Dies After Slipping In Shower, Breaking Neck

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News 

This young woman has died tragically after slipping in the shower and breaking her neck.

Irena Milosevic, 30, was taking a shower in her parent’s home in the village of Mladenovac near the Serbian capital Belgrade when the tragic accident happened.

Picture Credit: CEN/@irena.milosevic.71

Local media report she was at home with her parents, Vesela and Nebojsa, and her grandmother when she went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Her parents started to worry after she had been in the bathroom for an hour and they began knocking on the door with no reply.

When they finally opened the door they reportedly found their daughter dead in the bathroom.

Local media report preliminary investigations indicated that she slipped due to a large amount of steam and slippery tiles in the bathroom.

Picture Credit: CEN/@irena.milosevic.71

She reportedly broke her neck from the impact of the fall and was left lying on the bathroom floor.

Her parents called emergency services but paramedics could only confirm her death.

The body was sent to the National Forensic Centre of Serbia before it was returned and she buried in her local cemetery with the whole village reportedly attending the service.

One of her friends told local media: “She was positive and always ready to help. We joked with her that it was time for her to get married as her brother got married last year. It hurts our souls that such a beautiful and kind girl was so tragically killed.”

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