Pregnant Plus-Size Model Says Big Boobs Hinder Breathing

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News 

Croatia’s first-ever plus-size model has said that she cannot understand how women are enviable of her big boobs as they are “not allowing me to breathe” during pregnancy.

Lucija Lugomer boasts over 132,000 followers on Instagram and is known for sharing inspiring messages and snaps of herself in swimwear and tight clothes.

Picture Credit: CEN/@lusiluer_plussizemodel

The size 16-18 model shared a selfie of her showing off her baby bump in the mirror on social media saying she could not understand “women who want big boobs”.

She added: “They really bother me, they’re huge and don’t allow me to breathe. I know some people will roll their eyes and take comfort by claiming I’m lying, but everyone who follows me knows that I have never been a woman who enjoys flaunting my cleavage.”

She publicly revealed her pregnancy in early July 2019 when she posted a photo of her smiling with her husband as she held up a baby onesie.

Picture Credit: CEN/@lusiluer_plussizemodel

She wrote: “Boyfriend 2015, Husband 2018, Daddy 2020.”

Lugomer, 26, from the northern Croatian capital Zagreb, got married to sushi chef Danijel Grlic, 36. Last year.

Netizens had a lot to say about Lugomer’s pregnancy photo, with ‘Dodirneba07′ commenting sarcastically: “Oh my God, I wonder how women would ever get through pregnancy and childbirth if we couldn’t take snaps of it! I was handicapped 34 years ago because I wasn’t able to take a selfie!”

Picture Credit: CEN/@lusiluer_plussizemodel

And ‘Teaa’ was full of praise saying: “From the beginning of your career you have remained consistent and sincere. Well done, despite everything that has happened to you, you have everything a young woman needs for happiness.”

‘DanijelAha’ remarked: “You are a beautiful young mum, best of luck Lucija.”

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