Mutant Chicken With Four Drumsticks Can Really Leg It

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

The owner of this mutant chicken with four legs claims it escaped being cooked because it could run away faster than the other two-legged hens.

The chicken was born on a poultry farm in the town of Maran in the state of Pahang in Malaysia and farmer Rosilawati Othman says she only realised it had four legs when she was rounding the birds up for slaughter.

She said she and her staff saw that the chicken “could run very fast” and she then noticed it had four legs.


Othman made the discovery in late December 2019 but the case has only recently been reported in local media.

In the photos, the bird’s extra limbs can be seen protruding from its breast as Othman holds it up for the camera.

Othman said after making the discovery in December she has been carefully looking after the mutant hen and feeding it well, noting that it had gained a lot of weight.

She also noted the extra weight means the bird does not walk as much anymore as it only wants to eat and sleep, adding that she planned to take the rare bird to the vet to double check it was just the extra weight that was making it slow.

The farmer added: “For now, it doesn’t look like the chicken has any health issues, just that it has become too lazy to walk due to overeating.”

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