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Rainbow After Storm And Snow Southern California

Story By: Pol F, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency: Clipzilla

Video Credit :Sicco Rood/Clipzilla

This is the moment a large rainbow is recorded in a unique time-lapse after heavy wind carried the rain from mountains to desert.

User Sicco Rood posted on Facebook a video that shows the time lapse of the rainbow rising and falling in Borrego Springs, in San Diego County, in Southern California located on the West Coast of the United States, on Monday (9 November).

Picture Credit: Sicco Rood/Clipzilla

The video shows how the massive rainbow changes positions gradually throughout the day.

According to Rood they had a windy winter storm coming through Southern California, with rain and snow in the mountains.

Picture Credit: Sicco Rood/Clipzilla

The rainbow occurred due to the wind carrying the rain from the mountains a few miles into the desert.

The combination with high winds caused long lasting rainbows throughout Saturday and Sunday.

The user stated how this natural scenery does not happen very often.

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