Mum And Unconscious Daughter Ignored By Seven Cars

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This heartbreaking footage shows a worried mum trying desperately to flag down drivers to help her unconscious daughter being ignored by seven passing cars before a fireman stops to give them a ride to hospital.

Traffic camera footage from the city of Wuhu in China’s eastern Anhui Province shows the mum running to the side of the road with her daughter in her arms.

According to the fire service, the child had suffered a seizure and fell unconscious, leaving the desperate mum urgently needing to get her girl to hospital.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

In the footage, the mum can be seen trying to flag down passing drivers by waving her arm at them, while her unconscious daughter appears limp on her lap.

At least six to seven vehicles including cars and lorries drive past her, and none stops to offer the lone mother help.

But fireman Wang Feng suddenly appears in a black SUV and immediately pulls over to the side of the road, cutting off a taxi as he does so.

He tells the mum to get in and he drives them to hospital.

According to reports, the girl was treated in time and is not in any life-threatening condition.

However, she remains at the facility for further observations.

It is still unclear what triggered her seizures.

Wang said: “I was on my way to visit an official when I saw the mother waving by the roadside. 

“It was obvious to me that something was wrong, so I stopped to ask what was wrong.

“I learned that the girl had had a seizure. She was completely limp and was unconscious, so I told the mum to get in so I could take them to hospital.”

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