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Mum Abandons Naughty Girl At Petrol Station With Note

Story ByLee Bullen, Sub EditorJoseph Golder, AgencyNewsflash

A mum has reportedly abandoned her eight-year-old daughter at a petrol station with a note explaining that she was too naughty to keep.

The incident took place at a petrol station in the regency of Pelalawan in the western Indonesian province of Riau.

Police say they have had no reports of the missing child, and have not managed to identify the girl yet who is currently in care.


According to the newspaper Kompas, the eight-year-old girl was abandoned at the petrol station by her mum for being problematic.

She was found holding a note from her mother that read: “Child, forgive me. I am forced to leave you on the street as I’m no longer willing to see you suffer or tortured because of your mischief, every day you are causing problems.

“Forgive me, child. Take good care of yourself.”


The police said that the girl appeared to have signs of abuse.

Meanwhile, officers are trying to locate the girl’s parents to establish the circumstances behind the alleged abuse and abandonment.

The investigation continues.

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