Mum Gives Birth To Twins 8 Days Apart In Rare Procedure

Story By: Sara Zhivkova, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

A mother has given birth to premature twins born eight days apart after one was left in the womb longer so she could continue to develop.

The births that took place on different days happened at the Seu Maternitat Hospital Clinic in the city of Barcelona in the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia to mother Cristina, 35, and father Alessandro, 36, who are an Italian couple living there.

Cristina, who realised she was pregnant during the COVID-19 lockdown, gave birth to the twins eight days apart with Vittoria coming on 30th August and Annalisa on 7th September.


The couple’s first surprise came 17 weeks into the pregnancy when they realised they were expecting two babies, instead of one.

However, the second came on the 22nd week when doctors found that one of the amniotic sacs had prematurely ruptured.

The amniotic sac, also referred to as the membrane, is where the embryo and then the fetus develop until shortly before birth.

Despite being aware of the high risks involved, doctors recommended doing the rare procedure of a delayed birth which the couple agreed to.

A delayed birth is when a baby is left in the womb longer, due to circumstances that do not allow for a birth in the normal time window.

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The paternal grandmother, who is named Laura, said: “At the 22nd week there was a premature rupture of the amniotic sac containing Vittoria, but, the doctors managed to keep the pregnancy, putting Cristina at rest until the twenty-eighth week.”

The 35-year-old had the two successful births – one week apart – to the premature fraternal twins who are now fine and healthy, but, are being kept in an ICU.

Laura added: “Unfortunately with the coronavirus, we have not yet had the opportunity to visit them but we plan to do so soon. What matters is that everything went well.”

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