Mum, 20, Arrested For Strangling Newborn To Death With Bra Strap

Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

This is the moment a couple checks no one is watching as they take out a bin bag with the dead body of the woman’s baby daughter who she allegedly strangled to death with her bra strap moments earlier.

The mother and two men were arrested for murder and concealment of the corpse after a homeless scrap metal collector found the newborn’s dead body in the rubbish and alerted neighbours who called the police.

The crime is alleged to have taken place in the neighbourhood of Luz in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo on the night of 3rd February.


The three suspects were arrested after two of them were caught on CCTV throwing out a bin bag in which the baby girl’s body was later found.

The footage shows how the woman and a man look around to check if anyone is watching them as they take out the bag of rubbish onto the street and then head back into their house.

After her arrest on the day after the crime, mum Rosiane Nascimento Correia, 20, reportedly confessed to strangling her baby with her bra strap, citing her motive as depression.


Her partner, 26-year-old Antonio Carlos Batista Conrado, denied committing the crime. However, local media have reported that both mum and dad claimed they did not want the baby.

According to police officer Carlos Alberto Carneiro, Rosiane already had three children and she believed her partner might not have been the newborn’s biological father.

The third suspect, Antonio Silvano Correia, is the baby’s maternal uncle, and he was arrested on suspicion of helping the couple dispose of the corpse.


Carneiro told local media: “I can’t understand how a mother and father could do this to a child.”

The suspects have been placed in preventive detention as the investigation continues.

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