Motor Wrecked After Idiot Car Wash Cleaner Hoses Inside

Story ByMichael Leidig, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Video Credit: CEN/@mash

A furious motorist is demanding a new car after filming a clueless cleaner using a high-pressure foam wash on the inside of his vehicle as a woman laughs in the background.

The angry Russian man who filmed the entire incident said the car was ruined at a car wash after the powerful detergent destroyed the electronics inside.

And he posted a video online in which he recorded the amazing scenes as the high-power hose is used to spray cleaning foam inside, which was then washed off.

Picture Credit: CEN/@mash

The incident happened at the car wash in the Republic of Dagestan where the man decided to leave the car for a wash while doing some shopping.

When the man, who has not been named, returned earlier than expected, he was amazed to find everything in sight covered in white foam including the seats, steering wheel, rugs and sides.

He reportedly filmed the incident on his phone, showing the car’s inside covered in foam, as what appears to be a woman’s voice can be heard laughing in the background.

Picture Credit: CEN/@mash

When it was finished was not a speck of dirt anywhere, but the car also refused to start and a mechanic confirmed the water and the detergent destroyed the wiring and electronics.

The man can be heard shouting at the woman in the video saying: “Why was the car washed like this? All the wiring has been completed burned out! You must buy me a car now!”

The make and model of the vehicle, and its value, are currently unclear.

The clip was shared on social media where it was viewed almost 400,000 times in just few days.

Picture Credit: CEN/@mash

Netizen ‘Evgeniya Zadoyan’ commented: “The girl is not at all sorry! Let her take a loan and buy a car”.

And ‘Jenya Ruban’ added: “She will definitely have to work hard to buy him a new car.”

It is unclear if the man is in talks with management about compensation and it is unclear if he has filed a complaint.

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