Mother Breaks Down After Hubby Kills Their 3 Children

Story By: Angjela Trajkovska, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/Cazin NET

This is the moment a mother falls to her knees in the snow after learning her estranged husband had stabbed their three young children to death before taking his own life.

Admir Sovic, 37, hanged himself after killing seven-year-old son Ahmir, daughter Neila, five, and two-year-old son Ajlan with a knife in the city of Bihac in north-western Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Picture Credits: CEN

His wife Leila, who had left him three weeks earlier, threw herself to the ground in tears in front of journalists’ cameras when she learned what had happened.

Sovic had left her a note on a bloody piece of paper saying: “Don’t worry, the children have been taken care of. They are not hungry, they went to ‘akhirah’ (the afterlife).

Picture Credits: CEN

“If I had found you, I would have killed you as well. You have lost what’s dearest. But, I took from you the dearest thing, I take the children with me, and you, whore, nobody will ever call you ‘mum’.”

The bodies of Sovic and the three little children were found by his brother-in-law with whom he had been staying since the break up.

Sovic had threatened to kill the children and commit suicide after Leila left him. He had planned it all out and even told a friend but, tragically, nobody had taken him seriously.

His social media profile was full of pictures of the children, and he had recently spoken about finding a new woman to help him take care of the children.

Picture Credits: CEN

Leila suffered a nervous breakdown in front of journalists when she was told what had happened.

She was taken to the Dr Irfan Ljubijankic Cantonal Hospital in Bihac where she is being treated for shock.