Hubby Dies In Wifes Arms Giving Her Anniversary Roses

Story By: Sergey Panashchuk, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

A doctor at a top medical institute dropped dead in his wife’s arms after getting up early to buy her a bouquet of roses to mark their 23rd wedding anniversary.

Yegor Malashichev, 45, had just returned with the flowers for his wife Anna, also 45, to celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary in their hometown of St Petersburg in the Leningrad Oblast region, in north-western Russia.

But as he handed them over he reportedly felt an acute pain in his chest and collapsed in his wife’s arms where he died. The preliminary cause of death is a blood clot.

Picture Credits: CEN

Wife Anna said: “He died in my hands holding a bouquet of roses for me on the day of our wedding anniversary. We were together for 23 years. There is a moment in your life when you realise how good life was before.

“My pain cannot be described. I am very grateful to those who are supporting me.”

The couple have three children together, two girls and a boy, the eldest girl is 15.

Family friend Aleksandra Kostina said: “A family close to my heart lost a great father and husband. These people are great examples of parents and scientists. Yegor was my first science adviser, we had plans for a mutual science project, so many stories, so many memories, it is painful and hard to believe what has happened.”

Family friend ‘Aleksey Lizunov’ said: “Sincere condolences, I saw Yegor this week, he looked healthy, this is a terrible loss.”

Yegor Malashichev was a prominent scientist, he had a PhD in Biology, and was a professor at the Institute of Experimental Medicine in Saint-Petersburg. His wife Anna is also a scientist and she works at the Almazov National Medical Research Centre in St Petersburg.