Bungling Driver Stuck On Ski Slope After Satnav Mishap

Story By: Koen Berghuis, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Picture Credits: CEN/FF Muehlbach

A bungling motorist who blindly followed his satnav has ended up in the middle of a ski piste.

The bizarre incident happened to two Hungarian holidaymakers who went skiing in the town of Muehlbach am Hochkoenig in the western Austrian state of Salzburg.

After a day on the slopes, the two Hungarians wanted to drive back to their accommodation in the town of Kaprun in their Audi estate.

However, they relied on their satnav system and not the area’s network of roads and before they knew it they ended up in the middle of a ski piste where turning around was no longer possible.

Picture Credits: CEN/FF Muehlbach

After driving 230 feet on the piste, the Audi got stuck in the snow leaving the Hungarians with no choice but to call for help.

The local fire brigade managed to tow the car away from the piste.

According to local media, the Hungarians are far from the first drivers to find themselves stuck on a ski slope after blindly following their satnav.

In January 2017, a German motorist made the same blunder in Krimml, also located in the state of Salzburg.

He was on his way to his hotel when his satnav guided him over an alpine walking path instead of roads. It took 13 firefighters to pull the stranded car from the snow with a cable winch.

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Picture Credits: CEN

In December 2016, a 72-year-old German tourist in Zell am See was misled by his sat nav and drove onto a steep mountain slope.

It took a speciality ski patrol to bring the driver and his three passengers back to the valley. The local fire brigade of Zell am See later managed to recover the car.

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