New Twist In Probe Over Missing German Schoolgirl

Story ByKoen BerghuisSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

German cops have released pictures of the brother-in-law of this missing German schoolgirl who vanished together with a blanket shortly after he arrived home from a night out with pals.

Rebecca Reusch had been staying the night with her older sister, married to the arrested man, and he and the teenager were alone in the house when she went missing.

Now pics of arrested Florian R., 27, have been released in an appeal for witnesses after she never arrived at her school in the German capital of Berlin more than a fortnight ago.

Pictures Credit: CEN

Rebecca stayed at the house of her sister Jessica, 27, and husband Florian the night before she went missing. But sister Jessica said that she left her house at 7am to take her two-year-old daughter to nursery.

Her husband Florian said he arrived home at 5.45am after a night out with colleagues.

He said that when he woke up at 7.15am, Rebecca had already left with her red rucksack and pink handbag.

German investigators, however, did not believe him and arrested him on suspicion of killing her.

Police chief Michael Hoffmann said: “The police assumes she was killed. The suspicion against her brother-in-law has hardened.”

Pictures Credit: CEN

German cops have now publicly released pictures of Florian R. and the raspberry red Renault Twingo car he owns with his wife.

An anonymous police source told local media that the girl’s hair and fibres from the blanket which she had with her when she disappeared were found in the boot of Florian’s car. 

According to police investigators, Rebecca most likely never left Florian’s house to go to school based on smartphone data as her phone was still logged into the house’s internet router.

On the day Rebecca went missing, Florian’s car was spotted on the A12 Motorway from Berlin to the Polish border at Frankfurt an der Oder.

Automatic number plate readers spotted the car driving east at 10.47am and again on its return at 22.39pm.

Pictures Credit: CEN

According to the cops, only Florian had access to the car at these hours. He has reportedly remained silent as to why he was driving the car and where he was heading.

Police chief Hoffmann said: “The drives certainly do not match the version of the story which he told us so far.”

The cops asked for anyone who might have seen Florian R. or the raspberry red Renault to come forward.

Reports state 150 new tips have been called in so far after Florian’s picture was shown on national TV.

The victim’s other sister, 23-year-old Vivien, said that the entire family believes that Florian is innocent.

Vivien said: “We as a family are firmly behind him. We stick together. The evidence has not changed.”

The investigation is ongoing, with Florian R. currently locked up in investigative custody.