Moment Runaway Bulldog Scares Praying Devotees In Turkish Mosque

This is the moment a bulldog runs into a Turkish mosque and frightens devotees as its breathless owner tries to catch it.

The incident was filmed at Caybasi Mosque in the district of Merkezefendi in the city of Denizli in the south-western Turkish province of the same name.

According to reports, worshippers were carrying out the night prayer when the dog ran into the mosque.

Mustafa Goker, the imam of the mosque, where the dog escaped from its owner entered inside and scared the people praying there in Denizli, Turkey. (Newsflash)

The bulldog escaped from its owner and ran into the mosque’s entrance before entering the main hall where devotees were praying.

The runaway pooch frightened the congregation while nervously running around, and was eventually caught by its owner who carried it out.

The owner apologised to the congregation and then took his bulldog outside out of harm’s way.

A dog that escaped from its owner and entered the mosque in Denizli, Turkey, scared the people who were praying there at that moment. (Newsflash)

In the CCTV footage, the dog is seen entering the mosque and sniffing the shoes at the front door in front of two startled men.

Meanwhile, the owner kicks off his shoes and enters wearing a face mask before being told where the dog had run to.

The bulldog then scares several praying worshippers as the owner chases it around, eventually picking it up and carrying it out.