Moment Huge Scaffolding On Hong Kong Skyscraper Collapses As Typhoon Hits

This is the moment the scaffolding on the front of a Hong Kong skyscraper tumbles to the ground after Tropical Storm Lionrock hits, killing one worker and injuring another.

The incident was filmed at Beverly Hill on Broadwood Road in the residential district of Happy Valley in the Chinese special administrative region of Hong Kong on 8th October.

After weather warnings were issued on 7th October, Tropical Storm Lionrock hit the Hong Kong district the following day, causing the scaffolding on the front of the Beverly Hill apartment block to collapse.

Large scaffold collapses from Hong Kong building. (AsiaWire)

The incident trapped seven workers and two motorists in passing cars.

Both drivers and five workers managed to escape from the wreckage themselves, however two other workers remained trapped, according to the local authorities.

One worker was killed at the scene while the other has been hospitalised with no further details on his condition.

Large scaffold collapses from Hong Kong building. (AsiaWire)

The scaffolding collapsed while the building was undergoing renovation works that started two years ago and were close to completion, according to the news site Baidu.

The collapsed scaffolding buried part of the pavement and road, trapping the seven workers and two motorists.

Huang Jiahao, assistant chief of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department, said they sent 18 engines, eight ambulances, and 99 firefighters and first responders from a search and rescue team to the scene.

Large scaffold collapses from Hong Kong building. (AsiaWire)

The fire official added that it took over an hour to rescue the two workers who were unable to get out of the wreckage themselves.

The Hong Kong Labour Department said that they have issued a temporary suspension notice to the contractor as an investigation gets underway.

The Department stated that if the investigation finds violations, it will definitely act in accordance with the law.

Large scaffold collapses from Hong Kong building. (90477303238/AsiaWire)

The Labour Department also expressed its condolences to the families of those killed or injured in the incident, adding that they will assist them in the process of applying for compensation for work-related injuries.