Moment Cat Pulls Angry Face After Cruel Owner Whacks Its Nose And Films It For Followers

This is the moment a cat pulls an angry face after its cruel owner, who regular shares videos of her pet online, whacks it across the nose and films it to share with followers.

The cruel video was filmed by the cat owner, netizen ‘’ from the city of Nanjing in the Chinese province of Jiangsu, and the footage has been widely shared on her account on Douyin, also known as TikTok.

In the clip, the young woman, who regularly posts videos of her pet on social media, is seen teasing the cat by slowly raising her thumb in the air and making it follow her movement.

Cat’s mean face after being slapped by owner in Nanjing, China. (23456789sy/AsiaWire)

She then slaps the cat’s nose and it immediately recoils and casts an angry look at the young woman.

The angry feline is seen looking at the woman from behind a deep scowl in case another unexpected blow comes its way.

Despite many Chinese netizens and local media finding the cat’s reaction amusing, some online users pointed out that it is cruel to tease an animal in such a way and then inflict pain.

Second before cat is slapped by owner in Nanjing, China. (23456789sy/AsiaWire)

One Douyin user commented: “I reckon you will challenge animal abuse laws in the next video as well.”

Netizen ‘The Moon is Closing’ said: “The law is in place to punish people like you.”