Model Branded Anorexic Alien Hits Back At OnlineTrolls

Story By: Anna Casap, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@missalena.92

A top Russian model who posted this video of herself exercising has hit back at critics who claim she is anorexic.

Russian beauty Alena Shishkova, now aged 26, wanted to show off herself training at home, but instead fans were more interested in the fact that she looks thinner than ever.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@missalena.92

She became a model after coming second in the Miss Russia beauty contest in 2012, and since then has been invited to model at fashion shows in cities across the world, including Tokyo and Milan, as well Moscow.

She is also the mother of Alisa who she had together with her former partner, the Pro-Putin rapper Timati, 36.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@missalena.92

Wearing black shorts and top, with her blonde hair in a ponytail, she showed herself doing stretches and then jogging on the treadmill. She was also wearing make up to emphasise her eyes, but it was her arms and legs that attracted the attention of fans.

Netizen ‘amanatidu.olga’ commented: “Alena, forgive me, but such a body is not normal! I wish you well, but you need to gain weight.”

Pictures Credit: CEN/@missalena.92

And ‘krisbarbie_hair’ added: “It seems like you have anorexia. Take care”.

‘yulyashevchenko55’ said: “Looks like you are sick with anorexia. Stop loosing weight.”

And ‘dinel.di’ said: “You are too thin. You need to gain weight.”

After seeing the comments, she responded by writing: “We are all what we are. We strive for excellence, but no one is perfect!

“We work on ourselves in order to become better, but it does not always work out quickly. Therefore, you have to live in the body that you have today.

“There are fat people, they are very beautiful, those who radiate goodness and self-confidence. Maybe tomorrow they will lose weight, and they will like it more, maybe they will remain unchanged and be happy.

“But this is their body and their responsibility!

“There are thin people who cannot recover for various reasons.

“Let’s stop imposing on others our model of life, our ideals of beauty. No one should have to meet your expectations about them!”

It is not the first time she has been accused of anorexia, with a magazine once describing her as an “anorexic alien lookalike” and with fans describing her legs and arms as “like twigs”.

Russian media noticed that she recently responded with a huge plate of pizza and left a message saying: “Dear followers, stop trolling me and my thinness. I eat a lot. I can’t gain weight, not because of anorexia, but because of a fast metabolism.”

She later deleted the posting made no comment as to why.

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