Male Model Arrested For Sex Assault On Dead Colleague

Story By: Eman El-Sherbiny, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

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A model who took a Thai model who died to his apartment has been arrested for sexually assaulting her.

The body of Thitim Noraphanpiphat, known as ‘Lunabelle’ or ‘Bell’, was found at the suspect’s condo in Casa Condo, a condominium located in Bangkok, the capital city in central Thailand.

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According to local media, police chief Sutthipong Wongpin said in a briefing that the male model, Rachadech Wongthabutr, had been arrested for false imprisonment and sexual assault, adding that the suspect maintains he is innocent.

When asked by the media about the details of the alleged sexual assault, Wongpin confirmed the woman they believed the woman was sexually assaulted based on evidence but he would not reveal any more details.

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Before her death, Bell and Wongthabutr were both hired for a modelling gig in the north-western Metropolitan area of Bangkok.

According to local media, Bell sent her friends messages telling them she has been drinking since the afternoon.

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The 25-year-old suspect admitted that he took her to his condo in the evening, claiming she was too drunk to tell him where she lived but said nothing sexual happened there.

He told local media: “I don’t know when she passed away, maybe she had health problems or was dehydrated, but when I brought her to my room I was able to hear her breathe.”

Pictures Credit: Asiawire

Local media report that the autopsy claims that Bell died of alcohol intoxication between 3pm and 7pm on 16th September, which puts the suspect with Bell’s dead body at the condo for at least six hours.

According to the police, her smartwatch recorded that her heart stopped beating at 5pm.

A police source also told the media that her blood alcohol concentration was 418 milligrammes per 100 millilitres, which can lead to death.

CCTV footage released to the media shows the suspect taking the victim to his condo at 06:02pm only to leave her in the lobby hours later.

In messages locally attributed to the suspect but are yet to be confirmed by the police, Wongthabutr reportedly sent messages accompanied with pictures of Bell.

The messages started at 04:48pm with a picture of Bell while the suspect typed out: “She is passed out.”

At 5pm, the suspect posted a video of the victim to social media where she looks passed out and inebriated.

At 05:27pm, he sends another message with Bell lying face down on the passenger seat, saying: “Sh*t I’m screwed, hahaha. Her lips were red before. “

Another picture in the messages also showed Bell’s lips appearing blue.

The police also revealed there could be other arrests related to the model’s death in the coming days.

It is yet unclear whether the model was sexually assaulted before or after her death.

The suspect is currently in detention pending trial.

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