MMA Fighter Has Finger Torn Off In Farming Accident

Story By: Ana Marjanovic, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport


These shocking images show how a Croatian MMA fighter had his little finger torn off by a harvester but he carried on working in the field before taking himself to the hospital.

The startling incident occurred when Croatian MMA fighter Zoran Djodj, 31, from the village of Ferdinandovac in the Koprivnica-Krizevci County in Croatia, was harvesting corn.

Local media report Djodj had gone to the turn off the machine when his hand was pulled into the harvester.

Pictures Credit: Golders/Zoran Djodj

His little finger on his right hand was crushed by the machine but Djodj did not rush to hospital but instead wrapped up his hand and finished the harvest.

He then went to hospital but as the machine had ground his little finger they could not sew it back on and instead simply stitched his wound up.

Djodj, who has an upcoming fight against Austria-based Tarhan “The Hulk” Ibragimov, told local media: “It’s not some injury that should stop me from fighting now. I didn’t even think about postponing the next fight. I’m used to so much more pain in MMA fights which hurts much more than right now when the machine severed my finger.”.

Pictures Credit: Golders/Zoran Djodj

Reports state the fighter as lost his little finger forever

Djodj has a record of 11 wins, 13 losses and one draw in 25 MMA fights and will face Ibragimov in Serbia as part of the SBC fights on 19th October.

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