Missing Girls Body Had Been In Morgue For 2 Years

Story By: Jonathan Macias, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

The family of this 16-year-old girl have found her body in a morgue after cops discovered it riddled with bullets two years ago but failed to identify her – leaving her devastated loved ones to continue their search.

The body of missing Adriana Michelle Alvarez Orozco was revealed this week to be in a morgue in Lagos de Moreno, a city located in the state of Jalisco in Mexico, after the family had spent two years looking for her. According to Infobae, her body had been found alongside the corpses of two men and all three had suffered gunshot wounds.

According to local media, the body was first found on 4th November 2017 in a field in Lagos de Morenos one day after the family had reported the disappearance to the local authorities, but the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO) did not link the corpse to the missing person report, and her family spent the next two years looking for her.

Picture Credit: CEN/M. Alvarez Orozco

Pedro Alvarez who was the father of girl who was 16 when she went missing told Infobae the girl disappeared in the municipality of Tlajomulco de Zuniga where the family lives.

He said: “On Saturday 3rd November 2017, the day of her disappearance, I was working and the girl told her mother she was going to run some errands and she did not return.

“We found it weird and the next day we reported the disappearance to the Prosecutor’s Office.”

Picture Credit: CEN/M. Alvarez Orozco

According to local media, the mother of one of the girl’s friends went to the SEMEFO in Lagos de Moreno because she was looking for her own brother and her nephew who were – and who still are – missing and she happened to find the girl when she saw a picture of her in the archive.

Yolanda, the woman who came across the corpse in the morgue told reporters’: “She was my daughter’s friend, I recognised her the moment I saw her.”

The family is trying to find out an explanation of how it took so long to identify the body.

Father Alvarez said’: “In the Prosecutor’s Office they filed the case, they researched her social media profiles but they never told us anything.

“I am going to go to the Human Rights Office today to see what happened in the SEMEFO and in the Prosecutor’s Office. We have spent two years looking for her.”

The circumstances surrounding the teenage girl’s death remain unclear and an investigation is ongoing. Her body was reportedly found next to two other corpses, who had also been shot, and one of them was one of her neighbours.

Reports state there are 70 corpses which have not been identified yet in the SEMEFO facilities.

The family claims the girl liked “being at home and she wanted to study criminology.”

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