Metal Bar Skewers Teen Between Legs Just Missing Heart

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A teenage builder has miraculously survived after he was impaled between the legs by a steel bar that was driven 20 inches into his body and narrowly missed his heart.

The unnamed worker, aged 19, from the city of Linhai in China’s eastern Zhejiang Province, is said to have fallen from a height of roughly six feet before landing on the metal rebar at a construction site where he works.

According to rescuers, 50 centimetres (19.7 inches) of the steel bar, which had been protruding vertically, shot up into his body from between his legs.

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His heavy fall then further pushed the rebar into his body, with firefighters saying the metal pierced the top of his abdominal cavity and stopped in the right side of his chest.

Instead of pulling him off the bar and risking secondary injury, the fire service cut off the end of the reinforced steel bar, and the worker was lifted out of the work site and taken to hospital.

The teenage worker reportedly underwent emergency surgery to have the reinforced steel bar carefully removed.

He has survived the operation and is not in any life-threatening condition, according to reports calling his unlikely survival a “miracle”.

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