Moment Lucky Driver Exits Tunnel Just Seconds Before Concrete Beam Comes Crashing Down

This is the moment a lucky driver exits a tunnel just seconds before a girthy concrete beam comes crashing down onto the road.

The incident took place at the Mendez Alvaro tunnel in the Spanish capital, Madrid, on the afternoon of Thursday, 5th August.

Footage shows how a driver exits the tunnel mere seconds before a concrete beam passing over the tunnel’s exit snaps in the middle and comes crashing down to the ground.

The black car was the only vehicle travelling down the two-lane, two way road at the time, and it is clear that it would have been crushed beneath the concrete beam had it left the tunnel seconds later.

According to the fire brigade, no injuries were reported in the incident, and the police, who were the first to arrive on the scene, sealed off the area.

Swift repair works meant the tunnel could be reopened to traffic in both directions at midnight on the same day.

The authorities believe that the accident took place due to ground movements around the tunnel.

During the tunnel’s last inspection, however, it was deemed fit for purpose, with no cracks or fissures being detected by the naked eye.

The local authorities are now looking into any necessary actions they may need to undertake on the tunnel’s structure to prevent such an accident from happening again.

They are also looking into similar underpasses throughout the city to work out if they may be at risk from the same problem.