Massive Brawl After Beachgoer Asks Youngsters To Turn Music Down

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News 

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment tempers flare on a crowded Argentinian beach as people flocked to enjoy the summer sun and then got into a fight when one group played their music too loud.

And during the scuffle, several people who fled the scrum returned to find their stuff robbed.

Picture Credit: CEN

With summer in Argentina running from December to February, it meant plenty of opportunity for people to head for the beach area known as La Perla in the city of Mar del Plata in the province of Buenos Aires in north-eastern Argentina.

But the fact that a small group decided to play their music loud did not impress everyone. According to local media, the brawl started after one beachgoer went to a group of young people and asked them to turn the volume down when they were listening to loud music in the parking lot next to the beach Florsibelo Acosta.

Reports said the youngsters had parked their car next to the beach and played their music very loud with the car’s doors opened despite other beachgoers complaining.

Picture Credit: CEN

The footage shows then how a lot of people get involved in a mad scrum on the packed beach while the music is still playing loud.

Several men can be seen fighting among the beach umbrellas while another man is seen lifting a stick in the middle of the crowd.

A woman is also heard saying: “Call the police!”

The clip ends with the camera recording a girl next to a car who is heard shouting: “What are you filming?”

Reports claim that several people were robbed in the middle of the chaos caused by the fight.

The youth gang had reportedly left the beach when the police arrived after beachgoers called the emergency number 911.

Local authorities are trying to find the group using the video while the are looking for a VW Fox car where the music was played.

No arrests have been reported.

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