Falling Masonry Smashes Pedestrians Head In Car Park

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a man is struck on the head by a large piece of masonry which had fallen off the side of a shopping centre.

The victim named as Wang Enze, aged 25, is seen standing next to a pickup truck on the ground below the building when the freak accident happens.

Video of the incident shows Wang walking next to the parked vehicle and peering into the cargo hold when he is suddenly hit on the head by the crumbling exterior wall.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The mortar breaks as it strikes the victim and Wang immediately collapses to the ground next to the debris.

A witness can be seen running over to check on the young man, but he appears unconscious.

A government statement, in which officials were said to be looking into the incident, said Wang was taken to the Fifth People’s Hospital of Baigou Town for treatment.

With his family’s consent, the young man was then transferred to the Beijing Armed Police General Hospital in the Chinese capital.

However, he was finally declared dead on at 3:30am local time on 10th May following around 11 hours of treatment.

No arrests had been made at the time of writing as investigations into the accident continue.

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