Maradonas Daughters Give Police Statements Suggesting Manslaughter

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency:  Newsflash

The daughters of football legend Diego Maradona have reportedly told the authorities that they noticed their father’s condition deteriorating quickly and questioned why more wasn’t done for him by his neurologist.

The three daughters of the recently-deceased Argentine legend, named Dalma, Gianinna, and Jana, made their statements to authorities on Saturday 28th November.

According to a report by Infobae, their statements started at 8pm and went on for six hours until 2am the following day as they covered many topics. (


Maradona’s neurologist Leopoldo Luque’s home was searched for evidence the next day as officials investigate a possible manslaughter case.

However, Luque, 39, has not been formally charged with anything yet.

The neurologist has denied any negligence and claims other doctors were involved in caring for Maradona, who he has described as a difficult patient because he did not trust any doctors or psychologists.


According to Infobae, Maradona’s daughters all said: “He looked very swollen. It caught our attention, especially his belly and eyelids.”

One of the daughters said: “The person who gave medical instructions with regards to my father was Luque.”

The statements could lead the authorities to question why nobody in the medical team noticed Maradona’s deteriorating physical condition in his final days, potentially pointing towards a case of manslaughter.


However, the daughters also said their father was a “difficult patient”, according to Infobae.

The newspaper Rio Negro said that another factor pointing to possible negligence is that the football icon suffered a fall hitting his head against a wall days before his death, but received no additional check-ups after it occurred. (

Despite the claims of the daughters, Maradona’s lawyer Matias Morla issued a statement showing support for the doctor yesterday (30th November)


He said: “I understand and share the prosecutor’s work but only I know Dr Luque, what he did for Diego’s health, how he cared for him, accompanied him, and how he loved him. Diego loved you as a friend and I will not leave you alone. You left blood sweat and tears and the truth always prevails.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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