MANE MEAL: Safari Park Horror As Lions Eat Tiger

This is the savage moment horrified tourists watch on as a tiger is mauled and eaten by three young lions in front of their visitors’ bus.

The terrifying sight – filmed from a tour bus at Yibin Wildlife World, Sichuan province, China – shows the tiger being attacked by the lions.

One lioness appears to be trying to choke the tiger with a powerful bite to the back of its neck.

Meanwhile, one of the lions can be seen pulling at the tiger’s flanks with its teeth as it tries to tear flesh off the big cat.

At the start of the footage the tiger appears to be still alive.

Two tour buses frantically try to drive the lions away but as the footage ends they are still trying to feast on the tiger.

After the video appeared on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, zoo staff announced the death of the tiger on 18th January and temporarily closed the park.

The zoo has since been reopened to the public following an investigation.

Some netizens questioned why tigers and lions are kept in the same area.

Three lions besiege tiger at wildlife park in Yibin, Sichuan in China, undated. The animal was treated but later died. (AsiaWire)

Zoo staff responded and claimed that tigers and lions are kept together, which is very common in zoos across the country.

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